Plastic Pipe Facts™

Oceanside, CA; Emergency Land Outfall Replacement Project:

In Oceanside California, a failing 24-inch ductile iron pipe land outfall line required the replacement of one 6,200 foot segment in 2009. ARB, Inc. of Lake Forest, CA was awarded the roughly $4 million project in 2008. 42-inch HDPE pipe was designed as the replacement pipe material.

Several (at least 3 fusion joints) 42-inch HDPE joints fused by P&F Distributors (fusion machine rental and pipe fusion service) on behalf of HD Supply Waterworks, Ltd. for ARB (general contractor) failed pressure test after burial. HD Supply, who had hired P&F, settled with ARB for $427,000 to cover the fix. P&F claimed that the joints were not defective, but that the debeading method was the cause of failure (P&F accomplished the bead removal step). HD Supply sued P&F for "(1) costs to repair/replace P&F's defective work (2) costs to repair property damages resulting from P&F's negligence; and (3) other damages in a sum of at least $500,000, plus interest".1

A picture of fusion joint debeading (©WorldPoly Australia 2012)



  1. "HD Supply Waterworks, LTD., v. P&F Distributors, Inc." – Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego Case #37-2009-00060995– North County Branch, October 2009.