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Brooks Bridge Waterline Rehabilitation:

From the North American Society and the International Society for Trenchless Technology – International No-Dig Show (2009 – Toronto Canada) Brooks Bridge Waterline Rehabilitation (Littrell, J. et al): "The Brooks Bridge Water Main was installed in 2001 to convey potable water across a bay to Okaloosa Island, a popular tourist destination in the Florida Panhandle. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE), subaqueous main was taken offline in 2006 after the Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Department discovered that it was leaking into an adjacent fiber optic conduit. Video investigations indicated that the overall water main is in very good condition, but a welded pipe joint is torn approximately 750 feet along the 1,400 feet segment. The location of the leak is approximately 100 feet below the water surface of the bay and approximately 70 feet below the bottom."



The selected fix of installing repair sleeves was expected to cost about $100,000, but “Although the initial attempt at installing the sleeves was not successful, a significant amount of valuable information and experience were obtained to facilitate a future attempt. If the County had not been slowed by the unforeseen conditions encountered while removing the existing pipe and tee, it appeared there probably would have been sufficient time to install the sleeves.”1



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